Monday, January 19, 2009


Special thanks to the Autonomous Artisans blog for featuring my Bear Color Matching Game on a recent entry about "Bear" Necessities! Check it out:

I get so excited when things like that happen!

It's been quite a while since I've posted. It seems like life has been non-stop since before Christmas. And actually, it has.

First there was, of course, Christmas: gifts to buy and wrap, songs for the kids to learn for our program, decorations to be made and put up, and all the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day festivities.

The day after Christmas my son got married. Though it was a courthouse wedding it still was exciting and a whole day event. He and his wife will be having a wedding and reception in July, but as they are both in college, they figured out it would benefit their financial aid greatly to file their taxes jointly instead of using their parents' tax returns.

Since then it's been work work and work. All the meetings and events that slow down in December due to the holidays are back in full swing now, and the next few months bring a lot of activities.

In February and March we will be exhibiting at 2 early childhood conferences, as well as presenting a workshop at the one in February. April means Week of the Young Child which for my local association brings our annual Children's Fest (I am the decorations co-chair), and full week celebration. May is the Wisconsin Family Child Care Association Conference, of which I am the conference coordinator. We'll also be presenting a new felt workshop at the conference and exhibiting our items. Somewhere in there we are supposed to present a 3 hour felt workshop for our local association too.

And then there is taxes, plus all the normal things moms do, and oh yeah, my actual job!

Late winter/early spring is always a busy time for me, and especially so this year, but the saying "If you want something done, give it to a busy person" holds true for me and while this time of year sometimes has me pulling out my hair, I get so much done and accomplished that just about every day feels like a victory!

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