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Library Day - Big Red Apple Book Review

Big Red Apple...Another Juicy Children's Book

Product Rating: Product Rating: 4.0
Pros: Fantastic Illustrations, cycle of life, good for early readers, very simple text.

Cons: ~~~~

The Bottom Line: I would recommend Big Red Apple as a good aid in teaching about apples, mother nature and the cycle of life to toddlers.

kamel622's Full Review: Tony Johnston - Big Red Apple
I try to have some type of curriculum for my little daycare group, so that we can learn more about the world around us and focus on one aspect of it.

During September we are talking about apples. Now I know that it doesn’t seem as if there is a lot to say about apples, but I am having a great time teaching the children through art, graphing, eating and of course books.

One of the books that we have been reading is Big Red Apple.

The Story

This is a very simple story of an apple and what its life is like. First a tree grows then the apples grow on it. Finally a wind blows the apples off of the tree.

Along comes a worm who takes a tiny bite in the apple. A bird eats the worm and also pecks at the apple until a boy comes along and picks up the apple and with a

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! He ate the
Big red apple.

He spit the seeds.
The seeds fell to the ground.

A tree grew and it too was full of big red apples.

The Illustrations

The wonderful illustrations look as if they are cross stitched pictures. They have a quilted look and also a 3-D effect that makes them really come to life.

The colors are vibrant and each page stands on its own for its beauty and colorful way it shows the activity of the page.

The text is a very large black font that is placed on a light colored background on each page, making it easy to see and easy for beginning readers to learn

My Feelings

I love the simplicity of this story and yet it also helps children learn about nature and the natural progression of life. The tree growing fruit, the fruit feeding a worm, the worm feeding a bird, the apple feeding a boy who spits the seeds and another apple tree grows.

Even if the written words were not included in this book it would be a book that children would look at for its wonderful illustrations. The colors are great and the way they look so life like make them take on a meaning all their own. Each page is filled with what looks like a patch work quilt with great attention being paid to detail. No page is overpowering with detail, there is just enough to hold a child or adults attention.

The text size is also a bonus about this book. It is great for beginning readers and even includes a page about how to help your child use this book to begin to read. It includes hints for before, during and after reading. Things like encouraging your child to use phonics, providing the word when a child has difficulty and encouraging your child to read with expression.

My daycare children seemed to really take to this book and asked for it over and over. Sammi paid particular attention to the illustrations and loved just sitting and looking at each page very carefully. They all kept saying that the worm was a snake, so perhaps he should have been drawn a little more wormlike, not a con but rather just an observation.

Nuts & Bolts

Big Red Apple
was written by Tony Johnston and illustrated by Judith Hoffman Corwin.

This Scholastic Hello Reader Level One was published in September of 1999 and has 32 pages.

This is an excellent book for 3 to 7 year olds and is great for beginning readers.

ISBN: 0-439-09860-2



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