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Library Day - Now It's Fall Book Review

Now It's Fall...Lois Lenski...A Poetic Look at Autumn

Product Rating: Product Rating: 4.0
Pros: *Autumn themed poetry
*Classic old fashioned illustrations

Cons: *Some poems a bit of a stretch

The Bottom Line: Now It's Fall is a cute poetry book about the season. Fun to read once or twice.

kamel622's Full Review:

Lois Lenski - Now It's Fall
I just love watching the leaves change color in the Fall and have fun with my daycare children taking nature walks and collecting different colored leaves.

Not only do we enjoy collecting leaves, we enjoy reading books about this season such as Now It’s Fall.

This book is a small 5” x 6” 48 paged book that has the simple classic illustrations on one side of each two page spread and the text on the other. The illustrations are simple yet descriptive and relate well to the story. Some of the illustrated pages have a solid colored yellow, green or blue background while the text pages are white. Since this is a small book and there are 4 – 6 lines of text on each page the text size is a bit small.

One thing that I noticed that gave me a chuckle is the little girl in this story is wearing a red bow in her hair, but when viewed from the front it looks as if she has devil horns! At first I wasn’t sure what I was seeing but after looking at other pages I realized it was a bow.

This book leisurely takes the reader / listener through all of the fun that Autumn can be from falling leaves to windy days. Apple picking and back to school and all the way through to Halloween celebrations.

Great big golden pumpkins
Ripen in the fall.
From the kitchen garden
We will bring them all.

Oh, see!
What fun it will be
Make a pumpkin face
With nose and eyes,
Mouth wide open
In surprise!

These two paragraphs are a sample of the length of text per page and also the type of rhyme that is used. On most pages the rhyme flows well but occasionally I find myself having to reread in order to make it sound right.

Each pages poem can stand alone, but put all together it is a book that starts from Apples in September and goes through being thankful in November at Thanksgiving.

I read this book to my daycare group, ages 2 – 7, on a day when school was closed and I had 3 older children for the day. Because this is a bit longer book than most of the picture books we read I knew it wouldn’t be of much interest to the younger children. Actually the only one that didn’t sit still for it was 2 year old Cindy, other than that all of the children listened and commented about how this book was like it is outside here, leaves changing color and blowing around. Sammi especially loved that the children had a big pumpkin and carved a jack-o-lantern. They all pointed out they love Halloween and will be going Trick-or-Treating, and of course had to tell me about their costumes. They are all excited and this book brought up a lot of conversation about last year and Halloween and Thanksgiving, oh and Sammi and Jake’s birthdays which are coming up soon.

I love when a book sparks a lot of conversation and when the kids are remembering previous years and the way they are looking forward as well however while this is a book that we enjoyed reading and had fun with I noticed that the children didn’t ask for it again nor did they talk much about it after we finished with it. It is a good example of Fall and the activities that we do but it isn’t a book that will get read very often, at least not by my daycare group.

I would recommend this book for children 4 – 8 years old.

Wow, this book was originally written before even I was even born!! This is an old book! It was first published in 1948 by author and illustrator Lois Lenski. Random House published the copy that I have in 2000.

ISBN: 0375910697

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