Thursday, September 23, 2010

Super Simple Flannel Board Tip

Flannel boards can be soooo expensive to buy! But there is a way to make even HUGE ones on the cheap!

First you need flannel. Usually not too expensive to start with, but watch the clearance bins, it's amazing the amount of flannel/felt you can get for next to nothing! Even small pieces are great to have on hand for making flannel stories.

Most of us have an old bulletin board we aren't using. Or check a thrift shop for one. The cork doesn't need to be perfect. An old dry erase board can work too, if it has a frame around it. A framed canvas could probably work too, though I haven't tried that.

Making the board is easy peasy. Lay out your flannel (iron if necessary to smooth creases from folding) and lay your cork board on top. Cut flannel slightly larger than the board (does not need to be exact, you can trim away as needed). Lay flannel on top of the right side of the bulletin board. Then take a butter knife or other flat instrument and tuck the flannel between the cork board and the frame. If there is too much material just trim away a little at a time. Periodically smooth the flannel to make sure it lays flat and keep tucking, all the way around the board.

I used a bulletin board I had on hand and flannel that I got for less than $1 to make this 18 x 24 inch flannel board. Looking in the various catalogs I could have easily spent $30 or more! At the price I spent I can have several sizes and background colors for a fraction of the cost.

I have also made flannel boards out of (new) pizza boxes, cigar boxes (harder to find nowadays), pencil boxes, even an empty 'clam shell' container for bringing home leftovers from a restaurant. Hey, it was black and was perfect for Halloween! Most places are willing to donate things like that if you just ask and explain that it's for a child care.

I love when I can come up with an alternative that's just as functional, good looking, and useful as it's full priced counter part!


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