Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Book in a Binder

If you use resource books in your classroom or child care you know how hard it is to copy them. Trying to get a large book (or even a not so large one) to lie flat on the copier is a pain. And if you tear the pages out to make them easier to copy they wind up with frayed edges or worse yet, lost, when you stuff them back into the book where they should be.

Many early childhood resource books come with perforated pages now. Do yourself a favor and take them apart when you buy the book! What I do is purchase (or repurpose) a binder that the book will fit into and spend a few minutes tearing all the pages out and 3-hole punching them. When I am left with just the covers and spine I carefully cut them apart and slip them into the clear cover on the binder (or attach them by covering with contact paper or clear packing tape) and now my resource book is soooo much easier to use!

If the book doesn't have perforated edges use a table saw to cut the spine off.

Here's just one of the resource books I have stored in a binder:

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