Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fire Safety Week: Firefighter hats

Since we've been talking about fire safety this week we talked about the firefighters uniforms (also called turnout gear) and the other day we made our own firefighter hats.

I got the idea from It is a subscription site, but well worth the annual cost!

First the children painted the back of a paper plate red. Once that was dry I traced the shape to be cut out (from kidssoup) onto the plate and helped the children cut it out. The shape is pretty simple to figure out by looking at the picture below. You just make sure not to cut fully around the paper plate. The bottom of the cut out is left intact and then folded up to form the hat. I printed out the firefighter badges and added the children's names and we glued those on. When we were done the kids had fun pretending to be firefighters and putting out fires all over the playroom.

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