Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Ready for Back to School

Even though my program is year round (I offer preschool and child care services) I am still in the midst of getting ready for "Back to School."

For the summer we've had a very minimal schedule, mostly defined by the necessary routines of meals and nap. Public school starts in 2 weeks though, and I have a week of vacation also, and we will be getting back into the routine of morning preschool (and I happen to love love love back to school supplies), so I am working on some new things in my center.

A week or so ago I made it to Michael's and found they had some pretty cool stuff in stock! I looked on the website and couldn't find it all, but here's a picture of the caddy I got:

and here it is filled:

I like it so much I wound up going back to get another one!

They also had bins that fit organizers like this:
I got a couple of the large ones to use as sensory bins.

They had lots of great classroom and craft items (of course!). I could have spent HOURS (and many pennies!!) shopping.

This is also a great time to stock up on art supplies and I always try to buy enough crayons, paints, markers and glue to get us through the year.

I love that even though my own kids are grown I still get to do back to school shopping!

What's on your back to school list?

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