Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not just an Early Childhood Teacher

One of the boys came in today with a baggie of Christmas wrapping paper pieces. He's two and a half. His mom seemed embarassed when she told me that she had been wrapping presents and he was cutting up leftover pieces and said they were for Miss Kim. I reassured her that it was a very sweet thing for him to do. That at his age that was a perfect gift in his mind! He worked hard at it, it was colorful, and to me the fact that he wanted to give that to me was very special.

After she handed it to me however, he got upset and wanted it back. His mom laughed and called him "indian giver" (sigh). I gently explained to her that this too was okay. That actually it was a develpmental milestone. He predicted the future. I could so see in his face that his mind was putting together the idea of "I want to give it to her, but if I do, then I won't have it!"

Often being an early childhood teacher is as much about educating parents as it is educating kids.


*Evelyn* said...

Nice blog....well done!!
good evening..

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Awww- how sweet of him to make you a special gift, even if you didn't get to keep it! lol
Smiles, Karen

blueberryjunkie said...

hahaha...what a cute story!!!

WendyZ said...

Several years ago, one of my PreK kids wanted to bring me her leftover paper from something she had cut out at Sunday School. She tried to explain to her mom that I don't like to waste anything and that she knew I'd have use for it. It was promptly added to our art supplies.