Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow Fun!

Kleenex Snow Storm

1 box cheap facial tissue per child
X number of restless children
1 fun loving teacher with lots of patience

1. Explain that kleenex snow is an activity ONLY for day care! NOT home!
2. Take 1 box tissue and pull out a tissue and toss in the air. Repeat.
3. Assure children you know what you are doing.
4.Give each child their own box of tissue and reassure them they won't get into trouble.
5. Instruct children to pull out EVERY TISSUE IN THE BOX!!!
6. Encourage "snowball" fights, falling "snow", "snow" angels, etc.

Clean up is a breeze when you provide plastic garbage bags and have kids slam dunk their snowballs, estimate how many bags it will take to clean it all up, and/or pretend to be snow plows!

1 comment:

WendyZ said...

Now that's what I'm talking about! Sometimes you just have to do something strange to get through the day, or sometimes you want to join in without any inhibitions your self.