Friday, February 20, 2009

Beach Day! Fabulous Friday Find

This is the time of year when it starts to feel like winter will never end. To break things up we had Beach Day yesterday.

The children brought summer outfits (and in one case, her bathing suit!), flip flops, summer toys, etc. I brought the plastic swimming pool in from the garage the night before so it could warm up a little. I also turned the heat up a bit before I went to bed that night, then when I got up on Beach Day I turned it up more so that it got nice and toasty warm. I cleared out some of the bigger toys from the playroom and set the pool in the middle. I'm not brave enough to do a pool full of water in the house (or would that be I'm not crazy enough?), so for 'water' I laid out a blue blanket in the pool. You have to have 'sand' at the beach, so the entire contents of the Lego table got dumped into one corner to be sand. Great for building sand castles! A few other props like towels laid out on the floor, an empty sunscreen bottle and a few pairs of sunglasses and we were set for a day at the beach!

The kids had a blast. A little wild, but it really did put a bright spot in our dreary winter week. I had fun jumping into the pool to "splash" them and we spent time laying out on the towels to get a suntan and digging in the sand.

If you don't have access to a plastic pool to use, even a blanket on the floor can serve as a pool, lake or ocean. Have a picnic on the beach for a snack or lunch. Take naps on towels on the 'beach'. The possibilities are limitless, as long as your imagination is too!

This week's Fabulous Friday Find would be GREAT for a day at the beach, be it an imaginary one, or the real thing:

Pesonalized Bright Fun Beach/Bath Towel with Fish Applique Design
from mimisoriginals.

I can tell you from experience, these would be GREAT to send to day care! Even when the teacher *thinks* she will remember who's unlabeled towel is who's, it gets difficult when there are multiple kids and towels you have never seen before!

There are lots of other adorable personalized items in the mimisoriginals shop as well!


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CT said...

Beautiful towels and a great fun idea! - CT

Cards By Jenna said...

I agree, this is a great idea. What a fun way to brighten the day. Those towels are adorable.


little prince's mummy said...

So nice...