Monday, June 15, 2009

Waving goodbye

As I wrote in my last post, a family that I've had in my child care for a long time (3 months shy of 5 years), and grown very close to, had their last day with me on Friday. I am hoping to keep in touch with the family and in fact already have plans to attend soccer games this summer.

I wanted to give the kids a gift that would keep me and their friends here in their minds. Of course a picture could do that, and we did take pictures, but I wanted to come up with something that the kids could feel they took a part in.

We've been doing some handprint art lately and the children really enjoy it, so I bought an 11"x17" frame and cut a piece of poster board to fit it. Each child chose a color for their handprint and we randomly added them to the board. Even Miss Kim. Once they were dry I added the name of our day care and the year and each child's name next to their handprint. It turned out really cute and the family loved it. The mom told her son that it was all of us waving goodbye I did too and decided that I am going to do one for the daycare every 6 months (or every year if enrollment hasn't changed) and hang them in the playroom.

If you are a teacher, what kinds of "good bye" gifts do you give to students?
If you are a parent, has your child received any "good bye" gifts when leaving daycare or school?


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